Current Job Openings & Careers

Local Vendors – HIRING
(pay is per job basis). 
Contact us for more details.

  • DJ’s/Bands (demo session required).
  • Backup Bakers/Caterers. (licencing and website/portfolio required).
  • Backup Photographers (portfolio required).
  • Local Entertainers – actors, clowns, magicians, mimes, dancers, singers, (portfolio or demo required). 
  • Decorators & Florists (portfolio required).
  • Light and Sound Engineers (if not accompanied with Band/DJ).
  •  Local Venues (as needed basis).
  • Graphic Designers (portfolio required).

Wedding Coordinators –

At this current time we are not hiring for additional coordinators.
Please check back with us later. 

Volunteer Staff – HIRING
If you want to get a taste of the business and or what it takes, great for those before they start schooling as event coordinators.
We are looking for seasonal and temporary volunteer workers. Tasks include (but not limited to) – Helping us set up, organize events, pick up and drop off supplies, make or take phone calls, emails and more.
Contact us for more details.

  • Sponsors & Investors (please contact for more details)
  • Business Partners
    (please contact for more details) – must be on the same path/goals as the founder/CEO.

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