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Our team

We are new to Michigan, so we are expanding our team, right now we are primarily a small show. We have done business on a larger scale previously in NC and FL.

Erin Rabideau

Founder and Principal Event Coordinator/Project Director

She is an “organize” freak. She has several related certifications and degrees – media communications, project manager, interior designer/decorator, wedding planner/coordination. Erin has done business previously in NC and FL (some small amounts in MI). She has worked for WB, Walt Disney Studios, Fox Studios and more to name a few. From personal events to large scale extravaganzas and company events, she will be able to handle your every need. Make that event a smash and book with RuyaMira Events today!


Katina & Omar

Primary Photographers - Founder of Moon Rock Photography

We’re a pair of photographers from the Midwest who love to tell stories through pictures. Contact us with questions or for information about filming or photographing your special events!
Make that event a smash and book with RuyaMira Events today!

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